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Are you passionate about the digital world? Do you see yourself in our company values? Do you want to join a growing business with strong interpersonal connections? Join our team!

Check out our job postings and send in your application. We are already excited to meet you!

Reasons to join the Numendo team

  • Every project is a new challenge: representing a wide range of sectors, our customers are all unique, with their own specific objectives. You will therefore have the opportunity to grow, learn and overcome various obstacles!


  • We believe that efficiency is built on strong relationships: cohesive teams work well together. The #NumendoTeam gathers regularly at meet-ups, parties and meals, where we can relax and share technical knowledge.


  • We care about your well-being: when consultants feel at home in a company, they are more motivated at work and in their personal life, which is why we strive to make you feel like part of the team and support your professional development. Your individuality is just as important as your skills!


  • We want to hear what you have to say: we know that listening and close cooperation create a strong foundation. We therefore encourage everyone to share their ideas and initiatives, fostering proactivity.


Efficiency is built on strong relationships

For us, personality is just as important as experience. To work well together, consultants need to communicate and support one another! The #NumendoTeam gathers regularly at meet-ups, parties and meals, where we can bond as a team and share technical knowledge.


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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals, so feel free to send us a speculative application using the form below.

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