Our values

Numendo's foundation: shared values

Our appetite for new technology, thirst for innovation and taste for sharing knowledge all drive our development. We apply this approach every day and at every stage of each project. We understand the real meanings of agility, testing, user experience, evolution and continuous improvement: these are the values that keep our projects efficient and relevant.

At Numendo, every talented employee shares the same passion and vision, working together to create innovative services at the cutting edge of technology.

Numendo values and skills


We believe that soft and hard skills are equally important in terms of both successful projects and personal development. In fact, collaboration and interpersonal skills are at the heart of our work philosophy!

Our values and innovation


The digital sector is in a constant state of flux, so we are always on the lookout for new technologies and working to develop our skills. Our projects are therefore robust, scalable and adapted to the needs of our customers, who we are able to provide with technological advice and support.


Mutual trust is the foundation of harmonious collaboration. Within our teams, there is a real emphasis on listening and discussion, creating a conducive environment for growth and successful digital projects.

Our values and commitment


Transparency, reliability, and efficiency: for Numendo, these are more than just words. They represent our commitment to all our projects, which are carried out with a high level of attention to detail and delivered on time.

High traffic e-commerce websites, mobile applications...

Our areas of expertise

To every coding enthusiast

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