Technical solutions for companies

Numendo’s technical experts can adapt to each customer’s line of business in order to create the best solutions.

Numendo: a leader in many sectors

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of our customers’ activities, we are able to tailor our approach and products to their specific needs. We have developed a strong presence in several major sectors, working in perfect harmony with each customer.

Image representing the luxury sector


An international presence and online sales: the unique aspects of the luxury sector require constant vigilance and specific soft and technical skills. Our consultants manage product information and digital resources (WMS, OMS, CMS, MDM, PIM, and DAM), in addition to handling multichannel e-commerce issues and developing APIs to facilitate flows.

Image representing the industry sector


Digital transformation is a particularly pressing issue in the industrial sector. We support major accounts in terms of front-end development, consulting, new technologies and trends. We help our customers to transform their IS, with a particular focus on product information (PIM/DAM) and developing business applications.

Image representing the banking sector

Finance and banking

The financial and banking sector depends on security and reliability. An integral part of our integration and development projects, our testing plans are developed to ensure that the product is approved and that the front end is standardised.

Image representing the Start-UP sector


Resilience, adaptability and multidisciplinarity are the building blocks of every start-up. We work in line with this approach to develop web and mobile MVPs, as well as providing technical project management. We also implement proofs of concept that allow us to carry out tests on new technologies.

Image representing the Media sector of activity

TV and media

We understand that the TV and media sector has its own specific performance requirements and constraints. The quality of our interfaces (UX/UI) and our code must therefore be irreproachable. Our core strengths lie in back office development (React/NodeJs) for information websites with high traffic and our UX designers' ability to understand the needs of end users.

We are also active in the following sectors: banking/insurance, hospitality/travel, energy, retail, etc.

Proximity to our customers and the desire to offer the best service.

Our values

To every coding enthusiast

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