Our areas of expertise

360° technical expertise

Numendo is a digital service company specialising in IT and web consulting. To support and impress our customers, we have developed specialised and complementary skill sets.

Image representing the Product Owner

Product Owner

The product owner creates, prioritises, guides and communicates the business vision for the project. An essential part of any agile project, they are responsible for successfully delivering a high-quality product and maximising value creation. To ensure the best product outcomes, they also oversee the interactions between the technical teams and the customer.

Image representing the technical project manager

Technical project manager

The backbone of their team, the project manager matches the customer’s needs with the relevant skills. They are responsible for guidance, management and specifications, as well as defining objectives, drafting specifications and respecting deadlines. Their goal is to deliver a solution that meets the customer’s expectations while controlling the quality, costs and schedule.

Image representing web development

Web development

Based on the specifications provided, the web developer is in charge of technical implementation. They are a real creative force, ready to overcome any challenges and effectively support the customer. Always in step with the latest developments, they know how to choose the best technology to suit each project.

Image representing mobile applications

Mobile development

Mobile apps are a vital tool with specific technical and ergonomic constraints. Our consultants know how to create and optimise mobile applications, whether hybrid or native, iOS or Android.

Image representing the test and QA

Testing and QA

Software testing and quality assurance play a key role in our continuous improvement process. The tester or QA (Quality Assurance) engineer ensures the quality of the digital application throughout the development process. Representing the app’s end users to the developers, they reproduce their behaviour through test cases, identifying bugs and noting malfunctions.

Image representing the traffic of a site

UX: User eXperience

Our websites and apps are all built around their users: UX fosters user loyalty through high-quality, accessible and reliable designs, co-creation workshops, click paths, and human/machine interactions. To this end, our UX designers guarantee a high level of attention to detail and added value.

Image representing web applications

UI: User Interface

The user interface is one of our web designers’ main priorities, from style guides to UI guidelines, from artistic direction to motion design, and beyond. They implement the design system/wireframe and produce prototypes, allowing the customer to interact with the product being designed.

Our contractual arrangements

Depending on the nature of the project, we offer two different options: long-term on-site projects and short-term contracts, carried out on our premises.

On-site projects

The consultant joins the customer’s project team for a period of 6 months to one year. They are immersed in the company’s professional environment to stay in tune with its culture and way of working. The project is therefore carried out in the best possible conditions, guaranteeing high added value for the customer.

Image representing the Start-UP sector

Agile squads

When a project does not require on-site management, Numendo uses the agile scrum methodology. Based on the product backlogs, which are determined in advance, the project deliverables are always sent on time.

Each of our consultant is a specialist in his field

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