CSR charter

The approach of Numendo is also to fight against all forms of discrimination and harassment at work. Our values are based on trust and the fulfillment of our contracts, respect for the dignity of people and their rights, but also respect for individual freedoms within the company.

This is how Numendo affirms that “every employee of the company has the right to work with conditions that respect their safety, health and dignity”.

In this context, the Numendo ethics charter retains the prevention of the risks of discrimination and harassment in respect of the physical and mental health of employees as one of the fundamental ethical values of the company’s social policy.
It is part of our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Concerned about the environment, selective sorting systems are installed in Numendo offices. Therefore, it is advised to each Numendian to throw his waste in the places provided for this purpose.

In case of doubt, displays are also present in the spaces concerned, in particular at the head office in Paris as well as in the offices of Mulhouse.


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