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Wide-ranging and diverse skills

Backed by more than 15 years of experience in the digital world and the trust of our customers, we have been able to grow and develop to meet the challenges that arise from their projects and new technology. Our 6 areas of expertise are overseen by our specialist teams.

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E-commerce websites

We are able to respond to the challenges associated with e-commerce with functional, ergonomic and responsive online shops, designed to promote conversion.

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High-traffic websites

High-traffic websites need speed and security. We guarantee efficiency by optimising a range of issues, from scaling up to robust caching systems. We are also dedicated to front-end development, building on an appropriate framework and performance criteria.

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Corporate websites

To share their message and improve their image, brands and companies need tailor-made websites, built around SEO and the user experience. We can boost your visibility with a truly unique tool.

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Product Data Offer

Numendo will help you build your Product Repository and implement PIM, DAM, CSR, print, and catalog flow solutions tailored to your business and IS.
We partner with Quable, a PIM platform, to help our customers provide the best user experience for their e-commerce site.

Image representing UX and ergonomics

UX and ergonomics

To ensure that UX is always at the forefront, our user experience experts can develop ergonomic and high-quality digital interfaces to meet your needs. Our priority: optimising your users’ experience and comfort to build loyalty.

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Mobile applications

We have devoted a great deal of time and attention to creating the best possible mobile app for you. Developed using frameworks such as Swift, ReactNative and Kotlin, we will ensure that they are compatible with iOS and Android.

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Web applications

Web applications are a vital work tool for your teams. We create high-quality business applications and ultra-responsive web apps using contemporary frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue.

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